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If we have a sense that someone who sins against us may be open to change, then we must offer them a rebuke of love. And when they accept it and seek our forgiveness, we must offer it.

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But, as mentioned, this can especially be difficult when the sin is committed over and over again. It can become wearying and discouraging.

But none of that should be our concern. When one says these words, we must forgive and do so immediately. This Scripture also reveals to us the importance of expressing our sorrow to those whom we hurt. Reflect, today, upon the act of asking for forgiveness and offering it to another.

We are all given numerous opportunities every day to forgive and seek forgiveness. It comprises of both giving and receiving forgiveness. How often are we able to actually forgive someone who has wronged against us?

Forgiveness Day: 10 Awesome Quotes To Inspire You To Forgive Someone, Including Yourself

Forgiving someone means disabling our anger because anger never likes that we practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is indeed the quality of the brave! How can one develop this virtue? He has revealed the subtle repercussions of seeing anyone at fault.

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Not only the other person but we too can never feel at rest under such circumstances. After Self-Realization , our focus is directed inwards towards Self instead of finding faults of others. When this happens, a person becomes free from the shackles of hatred and abhorrence towards others and natural forgiveness becomes possible.

How to Offer Your Dad Forgiveness This Father's Day

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