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Akashic Healing accessing these records to help you understand why issues keep happening in your life.

ENERGY HEALING 101 (Extrasensory Luminary TEAL SWAN Demonstrates How To Do Energy Work)

Through a clearing process on your own or with a practitioner, you may be able to re-write your personal history so that you can have a more liberated future. In spiritual terms, there is a great possibility of rewriting your karma. Instead, it believes that all people have a direct relationship to the Divine. Therefore, anyone can access spiritual knowledge by developing their intuition and channeling energies via mediumship. Spiritualist healers use mediumship to channel higher energies such as saints, angels and spirit guides to help people heal.

John of God is one of the most famous living spiritualist healers. People from all over the worlds have traveled to Brazil to see him in the hopes that he can help them with their illnesses. It can help heal any unresolved trauma, problems, or emotional issues in the family line. This is helpful because those past energetic patterns may be negatively impacting your life today. Intuitive Healing All of us have intuition. These sensations help us make decisions in life and intuitive healers are no different.

Chakra healing , spiritual healing and distance healing are some examples of intuitive healing. Acupuncture Acupuncture is an ancient healing practice that has been in vogue for a few centuries in the Eastern world. The acupuncture points are along the meridian lines in the body.

This helps to relieve pain and balance the yin and yang energy in the body. There are numerous health benefits, including helping with back pain, headaches, infertility, acne and digestive issues. Acupressure This is derived from acupuncture. This is also an alternative healing therapy where hands, elbows and various devices are used to heal aches and pains.

Healing Energy Tools: Supporting Wellness Inside and Out

It also aids in proper blood circulation to all parts of the body. This helps in sexual fertility, getting rid of aches and pains as well as emotional stress. Thymus Thumping The thymus is a gland that lies in the middle of your chest just beneath the breast bone. It plays the role of producing white blood cells and keeping your life throbbing with vibrant energy. When this gland is blocked by negative thoughts, one can feel listless and low on energy. Simply stimulate the thymus gland by tapping on it daily for seconds.

You may also feel happy and more energized. You can either use your fist to thump or four fingers to rub softly.

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Those suffering from anxiety, depression, panic attacks and stress can feel relief with thymus thumping. The herb is compacted into a stick or shaped like a cigarette so that it burns easily. The heat near the skin helps to release the blocked energy and encourages it to flow freely throughout the body. The Chinese use the dry herb to regulate energy.

They can sometimes insert acupuncture needles in pressure points and stick the herb on top of it for extra impact. Qigong Qigong or Chi Gung is an energy exercise that originated in China. It uses the mind to direct the Qi, or life force, in the body. These dynamic exercises and meditative practices help to balance the energy within the body and also enlighten your mind. Exercises involve gentle and graceful movements and focus to strengthen the immune system.

It is effective in a myriad of health issues, but it also is a fantastic way to calm your mind and quench your soul. Emotional Freedom Technique EFT EFT is a form of psychological therapy where counseling is used along with neuro-linguistic programming, thought field therapy and energy medicine. A person can release a trapped emotion or stubborn thought by tapping along the meridians while repeating statements regarding the issue.

It helps to release pent up emotions and aids free flow of energy enabling the body to maintain balance. This works in tandem at the physical, mental and emotional level to heal emotional stress, traumatic experiences and suppressed feelings. Alex Loyd and a powerful energy medicine that has self-healing properties.

Alex Loyd discovered this amazing system by trial and error with his wife who was suffering from severe depression.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Types of Energy Healing

By placing special hand positions over energy points on her the body, she was able to release blockages and negativity. He also used it on his cancer inflicted patients who also saw positive results. It is believed that false cellular energies are the root cause of all diseases. The Healing Codes introduces positive energy on the face and neck over strategic meridian points to neutralize the negative forces.

The positive energy then uproots the negative thoughts from the conscious and subconscious levels. I have personally used them during some emotional times and I can attest that it worked really well for me.

Which session would you like?

I found great relief! This is based on the theory that our thoughts play a part on the body cells and when there is negativity in our thoughts it blocks the pathways and obstructs the flow of energy. This practice is akin to acupressure. By gently holding any of these spots, you can remove blocks and stagnate energy. You can actually do it yourself. Each mudra is associated with different ailments like anxiety, stress, aches and pain to get re-energized and feel rejuvenated.

Every thought and emotion we have can be measured as a frequency.

As a result, vibrational medicine facilitates healing by introducing a new, healthier frequency to offset the negative vibration. One of the easiest ways to introduce positive vibrations is through color, sound or the elements. Walking barefoot on the earth or carrying a rose quartz crystal can raise your vibration. Chanting mantras and playing a singing bowl can also introduce more positive vibes in your energy field.

Reiki, Energy Healing and Manifesting Information and How-Tos | The Reiki Guide

After consulting with me, she would put a vial of carrier oils in a vibrational machine that would calibrate it to the healing frequency that my body needed. I had many healing breakthroughs with this modality! Bach found that the essence from flowers has healing properties and can be preserved in water or brandy. This solution can be taken internally — a few drops under the tongue — and it floods the body with the healing properties of the plant or flower. Since then, people have used those same techniques to preserve the healing properties of many more elements and energies: crystals, sacred animals, gemstones, and the earth elements.

This is a safe, natural and holistic therapy that can help people reduce stress, tension, anxiety, shock, fear, envy, hatred and many other emotional upheavals. A pendulum is typically made with a crystal that is attached to a chain and dowsing rods can be made with 2 wooden sticks or metal rods.

Just as radios pick up frequencies, dowsing picks up energies and frequencies from people, nature and objects. You can use a pendulum to see if your chakras are open or closed.

You can ask yourself a question on an issue and dowse for the answer. You can also use divining rods to check for lay lines near your home. This helps to locate areas that affect health and your energies. Crystal Healing After thousands of years of growth and refinement, crystals are some of the highest frequency beings and teachers the planet has. What a great analogy for life: they spend a millennial growing in the darkest, muddiest of caves to thrive as luminescent beauties in all shapes and colors.