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Death Marks by Katy Walters

Publication Date: May 05, Publication Date: Jul 07, Publication Date: Jan 08, Crime Fiction. Forgotten your password? Toggle navigation. About Author. Katy Walters. Rating Publish Date Series. Buy options Start Reading. Author Interview Questions. We have compiled an extensive set of questions that readers are most curious to ask.

It was a long ride and wait with plenty of obstacles to overcome along the way. My debut novel took me two and a half years of writing, rewriting, and editing. When I was ten, yellow ribbons were tied around the elm trees outside my elementary school during the Iran hostage crisis, and scary pictures of the Ayatollah Khomeini were constantly on display during the evening news. Gas prices rose dramatically. It seemed clear who was at fault. When gasoline prices spiked during the hostage crisis, my family made the switch to more fuel efficient cars. It was just a change that needed to me made.

We scoured the car lots looking at the MPG ratings of all the vehicles. Over and over again, we make dubious foreign policy decisions in the name of Middle East stability instead of preparing our nation for the inevitable instability. Will we be any better prepared when the Saudi monarchy crumbles? Angel M. She is also an inventor of business ideas.

She has traveled all over the world starting in her teens and hopes to do it again soon.

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She currently lives in Mississippi, in a quaint little house on the corner, in a quiet neighborhood in the city, where she is constantly and relentlessly plagued by inspiration. When Detective Inspector Terri Marston takes on the case to prove the innocence of suspected murderer, Leonard Fallon, a number of strange events begin to occur during the investigation. At first she believes them to be purely circumstantial, until she witnesses a man being thrown from a roof by an unexplainable invisible force.

It is after this that Terri comes to discover that an incorporeal being may be aiding her in her investigation; for what reason she does not know, but she suspects that someone close to her may have the answer. My name is Ben Dedrick. My stories usually revolve around conspiracies and humans with special gifts. Or do they? John is a regular Joe, a foreigner professional working in the City of London, like many others.

On a cold London morning, in a train station, a man bumps into him and later finds his death. This incident thrusts him into a world of espionage, politics and Jihadi terrorism, and sets him in an adventure which he did not choose. A spy thriller as such, the novel is more than just action, but also a dive into the world of both British and International Politics.

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Katherine Dell is a young adult fiction author fascinated by the supernatural and the stories that surround them. She lives with her husband, two boys, and fur babies, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. And an old spirit box offers her and her friends a chance to make their wishes come true. But what began as a harmless game might be impossible to win. He has written content for commercial websites and done corporate voice-over work in English and Russian.

He is also working on a murder mystery based on a real event that occurred in Moscow in the late s. I am co-owner of Owl and Pussycat Book Promotions where we promote authors and their books. Nicole Fitton is a freelance writer who has lived in such glamorous locations as London, New York and Croydon! She currently lives in Devon with her family. Her second novel Forbidden Colours — A romantic medical thriller, is an all together darker tale.

Forbidden Colours is a novel which grips you with love then throws elements of suspense, psychological drama and adrenaline fueled twists and turns at you from every direction! Her love of the short story form continues in , when she will release her own short story collection. She currently works within healthcare management in the UK.

She admits she gets bored easily and can always be found enjoying new adventures.

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She takes the day to day hedonism in her stride and experiences every emotion under the sun except the one she craves the most — love. That is until a chance encounter in Italy sets her pulse racing and her heart in pieces. With her life turned upside down she tries to navigate towards love with tragic consequences. Someone is trying to derail her happiness but who and why? Can her heart be broken and rebuilt? If you like suspense with your romance then this is the book for you! What if your memories were not your memories? What if the drug hailed as a cure became a curse and ultimately your destruction?

Midori Yates works for pharmaceutical giant KLD. The launch of new drug Centoria has revolutionised the treatment of amnesia, with outstanding results. But is it really as good as the data suggests? Neurologist Dr. Determined to uncover the truth, Midori and Nick find a conspiracy that is to have devastating consequences for both of them.


A dark world threatens to engulf them. Can they survive? Jonah Gibson grew up in a one stoplight town in Western Ohio. Nestled among soy bean fields and overrun with turkey flocks, it had six churches, six taverns, and six gas stations. Then he gassed up and left town. There are those who think he had to leave town, but there is no real evidence to support this theory. He still looks back fondly. Some prefer fantasy to an unfulfilling existence.

Some find that a single moment injects itself into their lives repeatedly until all they live for is that moment.

Is that me? A chance encounter with a young woman then challenges his patience, perspective and strict lifestyle. Misunderstandings transform the relationship between two unique characters while they both face danger neither suspect. Denise uses her unconventional life experiences and intuitive understanding of people to create unique characters and their stories.

She lives with her husband and son on the fringe of an old mill-town situated at the western slopes of the UK South Pennines which provides a rich source of inspiration for her writing. Narrated by the protagonist, Bob Daniels, the reader is enticed to follow his intriguing misadventures thwarting him at every step in realizing his dream , including an eerie warning of coming doom for him by his dad.

But undaunted, Bob overcomes his adversities, though at a haunting price, and receives his PhD in psychology Then Bob has a fate-altering date with the beautiful, lively, full-of-life Gloria Hopkins. They quickly fall in love, and for a time they live, love and laugh together, enjoying the wonders of life. Then, inexplicably, Gloria begins having peculiar health problems. They land her in the hospital, where a mysterious turn of events puts her life in serious jeopardy, both her and Bob facing relentless tragedy. Gloria dies, throwing Bob into incurable madness. How he recovers is something to behold.

The third is a novella that fits more into a Family Drama genre but is based on the first two books. I wrote a NonFiction book, Helpful Household Hints for the Harried Human which could be great for anyone looking for tips on cleaning and organizing.

Abdelouahab Hammoudi is a writer,screenwriter and filmmaker. He has several works to his credit. Dream Wrecks is about a troubled artist who disappears while painting on the cliffs of Malibu and ends up in a maelstrom of international crime and intrigue. East of the Out-Lands takes us to twentieth-third-century Southern California where oppressed desert dwellers struggle for survival against a brutal coastal dictatorship. Tikiri is the author of the Red Heeled Rebels suspense novels and the Rebel Diva empowerment workbooks. After a lifetime of global travel and work, Tikiri is now a recovering nomad who calls Vancouver, Canada home.

I love the art of storytelling. Be it love and despair; or hate and violence! From the dramatic exchange of characters to dark and twisted circumstances they find themselves in. Endings are very important to me too! I hope you enjoy my work. She was first published as the winner of a poetry contest in her local paper in Effingham, IL at the age of 10 and the writing bug never left her. Since then she has had poetry and one short story published in varying anthologies.