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Your are out of this world — learn how to make your own watercolours too! Easy Handprint Rockets — love you to the moon and back with templates. Learn the basics of Needle Felting with this how to make a needle felted hear t bookmark. Sparkly Heart Fridget Magnet. Yarn Wrapped Heart Bookmarks — darling! Printable Fantastic.

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Spooky Eyes. NOTE: The below is a little miss-aligned, as we are currently going through a technical update and it all got a bit skewy.. Super easy origami egg cups for kids to make! Born and raised in Kansas, she learned all about pickling and canning from her grandmas Margarett and Harriet.

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Kelly brought those traditions with her to San Francisco where she soon found herself haggling over boxes of cucumbers at the farmers market, and loving it. Check out McVicker Pickles on Facebook for the latest news on pop-ups and events. We have the perfect solution In the first part of class, you will get comfortable with simple tools drill, screwdriver, and screws Next, you will learn the proper method for filling your vertical garden with soil and succulents.

Last, Tory will share her urban gardening wisdom so you can keep these mounted gardens alive and thriving! You will leave with one wooden vertical succulent garden that is ready to hang. Plus, we are big fans of revealing all of our tricks, so you will learn how to make more of these rad boxes of green magic on a budget. And with the holidays approaching, for this class, you will get to create your own modern stained glass ornament set! Choose two out of three designs in your own color combo, and follow along as Chelsea guides you through the mindful practice of the copper foil stained glass method to produce your pieces.

You will learn how to wrap each glass piece with foil, solder them together, then add a black, copper, or silver patina to create a custom finish to the glass edges. After giving it a wax polish, each stained glass piece will be finished by adding a hoop and a leather lace strip.

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Students will leave with two stained glass sun catchers to hang, as well as a new appreciation for the stained glass craft! All patterns, glass, and other supplies and equipment are provided. Each piece will measure around 4" X 4". Please Note: We will be handling sharp objects, HOT irons to liquefy solder, as well as various chemicals. You know them. They have fifty dollar candles scattered throughout the house with a few secret Glade Glaaaahday candles in the bathroom. Making your own is fun and easy, not to mention you can make custom scents that make you happy.

You will be making two natural scented candles in mason jars sometimes we have some cool vintage small jars too. We jedi you in creating your own personal scents by mixing and matching a variety of different scented oils and essential oils, think bergamont vanilla or spruce- we have an array of fruits, florals, fresh scents and plenty of dude scents too guys. Learn the basics of using soy waxes, proper and safe ways to melt them and how to let them best set and wick basics. We will be using a variety wax candle dye chips to add color to one of your candles during the melted stage.

Helllloooo epic Holiday gifts- whoot whoot.

This DIY crown is the fairest of them all.

Supplies Needed: None! But please feel free to bring your own essential oils if you have some favorites at home. You will have a few design options for customizing your piece, such as case size approx 20"" width, 6"-8" height , case color natural, golden oak, or dark walnut , hairpin leg size 20" or 24" , and hairpin leg color satin black or raw steel.

Each student will leave with one completed wooden side table, one hairpin leg care kit that includes protective hardware to stabilize the legs and supplies to keep the legs cleaned up, and a basic understanding of the woodworking skills tools necessary should you want to build another one of these tables on your own! All wood, hardware, stain, and polyurethane to complete this furniture piece is also included.

He works with both new and reclaimed materials in his wood shop near Golden Gate Park. Hip bag? Whatever you want to call it, hands free is the way to be!

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In this beginner-level bootcamp, resident master of leather and Tilt Leather owner Jennifer Laursen will teach you two fantastic leatherworking skills: bag construction AND belt making! You will combine these skills to create your own leather fanny pack, and personalize it with your choice of natural, brown, or black leather, and brass or nickel hardware. In this class, you will learn a ton of leatherworking skills, such as: - Tracing and cutting a pattern from leather - Punching holes for hand stitching - Hand sewing using the saddle stitch - Using leather adhesives - Proper measuring to produce the perfect fit - Cutting straps straight off the leather hide - Correctly applying hardware to your leather buckles, button studs, and rivets This class includes several hours of handwork and stitching, so a prior leather class or sewing class is helpful, but absolutely not necessary.

Bring those hands well rested and ready to work! Please note that we are offering black, brown, and tan leather colorways for your bag. You will choose this color when buying your class ticket. Instructor Bio: Jennifer Laursen, owner and designer of Tilt Leather, has been making leather accessories for women, men, and home for the past nine years. She also teaches leatherwork to kids and adults around the Bay Area.


These little and not so little moss ball bundles of joy are a ton of fun to design and construct. They will quickly become your new creative obsession as you experiment with getting different houseplants, succulents, and even herbs into the kokedama bonsai mix! Once you learn how to assemble your kokedama plant and moss ball, using string to bind it together, you will take a crack at constructing two kokedama moss ball projects one small and one medium.

You will leave with two kokedama moss balls of your making, as well as a plant care guide and supplies list so that you can keep adding on to your hanging kokedama garden at home! We will supply all plants, string, moss, and other materials for your kokedama projects. You will begin class with a series of short lessons on color, brushes, painting supplies, and basic painting techniques. You will practice color blending, creating gradients, and watercolor washes.

Becca will be there to guide you, answer questions, and help you paint around any creative road blocks! You will actually receive a small watercolor kit including 3 brushes, a pencil, a palette, 12 small tubes of paint, and handy carrying case to take home with you! She required no arm twisting when asked to teach this class It's a relatively simple method for creating your own graphics and patterns, and thankfully only requires a handful of tools and supplies to produce your prints.

In this intro to block printing class, you will have the chance to create your own graphic or pattern design, transfer it to an easy carve rubber stamp, then print it on cardstock, a Moleskine journal, and a soft denim tote bag! This class will focus on using water soluble inks on paper and textiles. Each student will have the option of carving one medium stamp or two smaller stamps for printing in class. Students will take home their carved stamp s , several cards, paper prints, a Moleskine journal and one oversized tote bag all printed, of course! Supplies Needed: None, but feel free to come with ideas for a simple graphic that you'll carve in class.

You will learn to saw and finish acrylic sheeting while completing a pair of earrings with metal findings.

Many of the skills you will gain may be applied across both acrylic and metal jewelry making, including how to load your saw blade, picking the right shaped file, transferring your design on to your material, attaching jump rings, and more. Each student will leave with a pair of earrings and enough knowledge to continue making acrylic jewelry at home! In this class, fine artist Becca Schillinger will teach you how to paint beautiful galaxies, night skies, planets, and deep space using some of her favorite watercolor techniques. You will begin class with a short lesson on color, brushes, painting supplies, and basic painting techniques.

You will learn how to use color blending, gradients, and watercolor washes to render night skies, nebulas, and other celestial bodies. Each student will leave with at least two completed paintings on cold-pressed archival watercolor paper. This a great opportunity for total beginners and folks with some watercolor experience to space out, get creative, and learn new techniques to produce these beautiful images. But wait This workshop is also powered by Space Coyote , a community-driven company making infused joints rolled with cosmic concentrate collabs.

Space Coyote will be providing complimentary prerolls to help blast your creativity into the stratosphere and beyond!! Follow along space. All painting supplies will be provided in class. You can even wear it out of class! During class, Kelly will talk about the awesome health benefits of fermented foods, as well as why homemade is better than commercially made and often pasteurized products.

To give you some flavor inspiration, the class will begin with a tasting of different kombucha and kvass flavors.

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Kelly will then walk you through each step of making your first batch of kombucha, from brewing your first tea to flavoring it with fruit, fresh herbs, and creative spice pairings. And, as an added bonus, it's even easier to make! Each participant will take home a jar of each recipe, as well as a kombucha SCOBY to keep the process going at home for many more batches.

Learn about this beautiful, ancient Japanese embroidery technique which was originally developed to strengthen quilts and kimonos, and lengthen the life of textiles. Sashiko, which translates to "little stabs", traditionally uses white cotton thread on dark blue indigo dyed fabric. A single running stitch is used to create lovely geometric patterns that can be used to decorate fabric or reinforce ripped denim. You will learn how to properly execute this running stitch, and transfer geometric designs onto indigo-dyed linen. Our instructor will guide you in the creation of your own sashiko design sampler. We will have a few simple designs on hand but, will have materials available if you would like to "go rogue" and create your own design. Once everyone has the technique down, the instructor will discuss how to apply this sashiko technique to your thrashed jeans so they can live to fight another day! All fabric, thread, and sashiko needles are provided for you to keep. For extra credit, we strongly encourage you bring a pair of ripped jeans to repair! Instructor Bio: Fueled by a long time desire to avoid jeans shopping at any cost, WorkshopSF sewing instructor and DIY Jack of All Trades Hayley learned the art of sashiko in order to keep her jeans in rotation for what some have called "too long".

She now has become addicted to sashiko mending, and swears she owns at least one pair of jeans somewhere that lack rips or sashiko. Of course, no one has ever seen them We will demonstrate how to use a press table top and t-shirt presses to pull silk screen images onto paper or fabric. You will also get a tutorial on the different inks available in screen printing, as well as the types of surfaces that work best. You will spend the last half of class printing with our house screens, which include rad images, fun phrases, spirit animals, popular graphics, and more.

And, our instructor will be there to assist should you hit any obstacles or have any questions while printing. You will leave class with a handful of silk screen prints, a working knowledge of the screen printing process, and some helpful insight on what to do next should you desire to keep further your screen printing acumen!