PDF How to Break Into (and Succeed In) the World of Freelance Writing

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However, I WISH I had because it would have drastically cut down on my time learning about the freelance writing world. On top of it, I could have avoided unnecessary mistakes. These are proven steps to help you finally earn money while working from home, that hardly take any investment up-front to get started.

How to Break into Freelance Writing

If starting a website from scratch seems too daunting, no problem. When starting out as a writer the point is to get started so you can start making money! But you have to push through your fears to get there. As a newbie freelance writer your currency will be time so be liberal with it and keep hustling.

Gina is spot on with this advice! Just push past your fear and start doing the work. Take that first step! One of the first roadblocks that can stump newbie writers is what writing niche to start with. The best place to start is leaning on past experience or knowledge you already have. One resource I recommend is to write essays for bid4papers. You absolutely must have a writing portfolio to showcase your work and close deals with prospective clients.

Why Is Freelance Writing a Good Side Hustle?

We actually both started our writing careers by writing for big media outlets and I know several other freelancers who have had success with this as well. I shoot for posting monthly. Check out this case study on how to become a Huffington Post blogger. It will help motivate you to learn, grow, and increase your prices. Since the beginning, Gina has tracked all of her income and expenses so she stays accountable to herself and continues hustling to make a full-time income to support her family.

Not all mentor relationships require you to spend money to glean from their experiences. Sometimes their blog will be full of ideas, tips and tricks for you to learn from for free. On the flip side, a simple product will outline their methods and strategies, which can be life-changing as far as results. Find someone whose story inspires you and find out if they offer coaching, mentoring, or products you can purchase.

Working with a mentor has been huge! There are very few budget-friendly resources available for getting started as a newbie freelance writer. And you can get started right now! Skip to content. Carrie Smith Nicholson. Buffer has a good intro post that goes a bit more in depth on buyer personas. And HubSpot has a cool tool you can use to start building your own too.

You can basically use the above image to fill in information about your own ideal target audience. This works for both B2C and B2B. These are all examples, if you were into smart homes and that tech, you can probably write at least bullet points for each. You want to build a stair step to success and making good money, and for every client not in your targeted focus, you lose a step. First, you want to get a website up and running.

The Art and Business of Freelance Writing

Your freelance writing website is going to be your home base. You want to use it as a way for potential clients to find out a little bit more about you, check out your writing samples, and hire you. A lot of people who are trying to get started in freelance writing get stuck at this step.

They make the website way more complicated than it needs to be and that derails them from going anywhere. Anything you put on your website today can be fixed tomorrow. I schedule time in my calendar to update my website every quarter. Pep talk over.

How to Become a Freelance Writer and Earn $4, a Month

Learn how to think about freelance portfolio right here. The following sites let you put up free portfolios some of them will limit the number of pieces you can put up for free :. There are some content sites out there that do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. You can sign up to them for free, post your pieces, and if your profile dings the special algorithm then you get matched with a potential client. Contently and Skyword are some of the most popular sites for this type of thing. The clients are connected with you. It should only take a few minutes to go down this list, identify the platforms that will be a good fit for you and start signing up for them.

Remember, the more places you get signed up, the better your chances of getting freelance writing work. For the rest, my editor who is awesome which helps serves as the main point of contact.

The negative with these sites is you have to wait to be found. There is no feature for you to go in and search for available jobs.

The honest truth about making a living as a freelancer

So fire up your Marvel Movies re-watch and see how many movies it takes you have over 21 to go until you get picked by a client. Another way to go through a middleman is to work directly with agencies. In this case, they do most of the marketing and finding the client, and leave you to do the writing.

The 3 Things You Need to Do Before You Start Freelancing

Once you apply to those hop on Google and do a search for agencies and send them some cold emails — follow this checklist before you click send. I recently moved to Portland and wanted to connect with some local agencies. I saw on your site that you do work with freelancers, so here I am! Take care,. Learn more about writing good emails here. Once you have contacted the agencies in your city or town, spread out to your region, and then the country.

There are tens of thousands of agencies in those lists. On the other hand, I do know quite a few writers who see a ton of success on Twitter.

How to Become a Freelance Writer and Earn $4,000 a Month

This is especially true of writers who focus on writing for magazines, trade publications, and other similar sites. Lots of freelancers can tap into social media and use it to connect directly with editors so that is probably something you might want to explore too. LinkedIn os my go-to social media channel for prospecting for new freelance writing clients. We talk a lot, I mean endlessly, about bad pitches and the things you should not do. You can apply all that stuff to LinkedIn and social media in general, too. Here is an exact example of an introduction I sent recently to the content manager of a site I think is great and falls right in my target niche:.

Have a great weekend. I wanted to connect because this person is a good writer on both this blog and a few others I found while I was internet stalking them. And lucky for me, now they are in charge of content for a good company in my niche. If it leads to a writing assignment, even better.

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When I take this approach and not slide into their messages all thirsty for work, I get a far better response rate.