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  • 1. I’ve got plans this afternoon.

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I go on a ride. I go for a ride. Matt E. Barrie England Barrie England k 10 10 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

Hundreds of Uber and Lyft drivers to launch a protest caravan across California

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Size Compatibility Requires iOS Being buck naked at work is weird.

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Taking a backpack of clothes and changing in a stall can be super annoying, especially if the stall next to you is in the middle of a bootie evacuation from that iffy work lunch at the cheap sushi place down the street. Solution: First off, wear smarter fabrics and pack your work clothes.

Ride in wicking and cooling fabrics, not cotton.

They even make suits that help these days made with coolmax and other smart fibers. Wear the right clothes for riding if you can!

Was That Just a Bike Ride…Or a Date?

Next, if possible get to work early. Have some coffee and food, cool down, catch some internet, then grab your shit and head to the bathroom. I grab a paper towel, dry off and then wet the paper a little more. What are you going to do?

Do you trust your city to leave the bike locked up outside? Can you get the bike home later?

Was That Just a Bike Ride…Or a Date?

Do you have a ride to wherever? First the Brompton and now a Tern. So what do you do? Solution: Think of contingency plans, have options before you need options. Taxis, friends, never date, sell your children, something, just have a plan. So have a plan before you need a plan. People often wonder why I love riding in bad weather. One reason: Lack of humans. First the obvious, our mortal enemies, the drivers. They can be dangerous. They often feel like we are violating their space.

I wrote a whole thing on surviving these humans. And yes, I have collided with one, someone with headphones on, cutting through traffic when I had the right of way. Fortunately, everyone was okay. But pedestrians are everywhere! We all share the same 3 feet of road.

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  • Ride Quotes.

I ride bikes, you ride bikes, surely we must be friends? Hell, even cyclists hate other cyclists simply based on the type of bike they ride! You got fixies vs. Everyone hating on Citibikers. Everyone thinking fatbike riders are the rednecks of cycling. And that classic rivalry between salmoning delivery guys and sundress wearing folks riding bikes decorated with flowers. You see, some riders are fast, some are slow. Some weeble-wobble around. Some go the wrong way. Some are reckless I had two crashes last year, both with other bike riders being stupid.

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Sometimes by the time you get home or at work you feel more stressed than before you started riding! You feel like you just went to battle just to get home when all you wanted to do was enjoy the weather and ride your bike! Solution: Chill out and enjoy your ride. Put anyone who annoys you behind you or just let them ride away, but let it go and just ride your ride. Saved the worse for last. Most likely, they will happen. Hopefully it will be something as simple as falling over at a red light, mostly just embarassing.

The more aggressive you ride and the worse the infrastructure for cycling, the more likely you are to crash. Whether it was wiping out when I slipped on a wet manhole and black ice. Or that time mentioned earlier when a bike with no brakes came flying down the Williamsburg into Manhattan and veered into my bike lane. Or that one time I just got a little over-confident in the dark and hit a speedbump with too loose a grip on the handlebars.

Down I went. Some hurt, some I just had to shake off. Unfortunately, this is a part of cycling. They have been immensely helpful over the years. The sooner you start riding, the sooner you can shake that mental anxiety from the crash out of you. Ride with confidence, not cockiness, be aggressively defensive, and mind the right of way.