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I have a question? Are they slippery after they are painted? Could they be used as a pathway to a swimming pool? Well, in the case of my stones, the tops are not overly smooth to begin with, and there is only a light coating of paint. I would imagine there is a type of paint that could be used near a pool that might offer a bit of texture, which might help to prevent slips and falls. If I was going to place steps near a pool, though, I would use larger stones, which might steer potential hop-scotchers from jumping stone to stone.

This just gives me another choice to make stepping stones.

I love what you did! Thank you for sharing :.

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I'm amazed! I told some people about doing this right after I saw your work. They had just put a walkway and they were skeptical to the idea because they thought it would look corny, So I showed them your pics. They were sold on it because they used the same stone in your examples. I am looking into the glow in the dark paint. I was even thinking of painting the address number on the driveway with the doily design and glow in the dark numbers over it. I also don't want to ruin those really nice lace ones. Any retailers you are privy to for doilies? Thanks again for sharing..

Reply 4 years ago. Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Hello Samgo, Thank you so much for such kind compliments! Oh, indeed, if I had doily sources, I would surely share them. Unfortunately, I only 'happened' upon this one at a second hand store, which I frequent. Our Walmart used to carry an assortment of lacy table covers, but now they are rather plain and ordinary. Keep in touch, and let us know how your house numbers go.

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Great idea and looks fabulous! Here's my 2 cents for the pot: One Halloween we used glow in the dark paint to paint faces on fake pumpkins. Of course we didn't use a shield while painting so got paint on the front porch. My 8 year old was helping and I didn't realize until later we also ended up with paint footprints the length of the sidewalk.

We didn't have any solvent handy so just scrubbed the front porch spots as much as we could with a brush. The night of Halloween the trick or treaters all raved about the cool footprints leading them to our front door! LOL We decided not to wash away the footprints. After two years, the unscrubbed footprints on the sidewalk wore away but the scrubbed spots on the porch remained for more than 5 years.

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Scrubbing the wet paint made the paint sink further into the concrete and eliminated any paint sitting on top. The sidewalk footprints were all sitting on top of the concrete and wore away quickly. More by the author:. About: Let's skip the pretentious titles. At present, I am a paper pusher.

In the remainder of my life, I am a mother of two handsome grown men, a wife to a very patient man, a nana of two precious grandchildren, Add Teacher Note. Even poster board will work just fine. A pen, pencil, heck, even a crayon will work A pair of scissors or a serrated knife. A scrub brush A source of water bucket of, or garden hose One can of spray paint is typically enough to spray six or seven stones. Take into consideration the size of your stone, and the amount of paint required to cover the areas without 'lace'.

While paper doilies are available, they would not be a wise choice, as the slightest breeze or even the spray of the paint would move the doily around. Though most doilies are crocheted, it is easy to find vinyl table covers, place mats and other items to use. Please don't use an heirloom treasure your grandmother made by hand! Be sure to choose one that will give a pleasing result with a lot of coverage. If you have a large project in mind, consider table covers by the yard, which are found in many box stores. Did you make this project?

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