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The hunting need. The craving for the chase, for the smell of fear and the savage triumph of the kill. It had been years-centuries-since he'd felt the need with such force. And all his thoughts had turned red: he could think Page 29 L. Smith: Vampire Diaries 01 - The Awakening of nothing else but the hot coppery taste, the primal vibrancy, of blood. With that excitement still raging through him, he'd taken a step or two after the girls.

[(The Tailor of Panama)] [Author: John Le Carré] published on (October, 1996)

What might have happened if he hadn't scented the old man was better not thought about. But as he reached the end of the bridge, his nostrils had flared at the sharp, distinctive odor of human flesh. Human blood. The ultimate elixir, the forbidden wine. More intoxicating than any liquor, the steaming. And he was so tired of fighting the need. And then there was no sound but the feeding. Now, as he stumbled up the main staircase of the boarding house, he tried not to think about it, and not to think about her-about the girl who tempted him with her warmth, her life.

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She had been the one he truly desired, but he must put a stop to that, he must kill any such thoughts before they were started from now on. For his sake, and for her own. He was her worst nightmare come true, and she didn't even know it. Is that you, boy? One of the second-story doors opened, and a gray head poked out. I'm sorry if I disturbed you. Watch TV with your children so that you're aware of what they're being exposed to. Talk with your children about the program, particularly if it exhibits stereotypes, values or actions that you disagree with cheap air jordans.

It's got a nice hook to it with how the actual trick was pulled off, but that's only half the story there as it gets more involved with the real reasons behind why they were kidnapped.


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