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Published on Nov View Download MAhoney litA nelsen Jennifer A. Second printing. Sharing the Art of IP Management: Photocopying and distribution through the Internet for non-commercial purposes is permitted and encouraged providing all such copies include complete citation and copyright notices as given on the first page of each chapter.

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For details, see www. Available online at www. Translations Requests for permission to reproduce the book in its entirety or for translations, whether for sale or for non-commercial distribution, should be addressed to MIHR or PIPRA. Library of Congress Preassigned Control Number ISBN Distributed free of charge to low- and middle-income countries subject to availability of funding and support for distribution. AlvarezUniversity of California, Davis, U.

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We believe, however, that launching the success of these and other similar initiatives requires that we both engage directly with research universities in the industrialized world and encourage the growing innovation capacity of developing countries. Their mission is to enhance the power of publicly funded research institutions to harness new technologies and to ensure that the benefits of globalization are shared more equitably.

This Handbook and the companion Executive Guide and online version are a natural outcome of their efforts to contribute new solutions to this two-fold challenge. A follow-on interactive electronic version will reach an even wider audience and, we hope, provide even greater benefits.

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The Rockefeller Foundation is delighted to have supported the creation of this unique resource. It holds lessons that are valuable in many senses of the word for policy-makers, leaders of research institutions, researchers, and technology managers alikein both industrialized and developing countries. As such, it will be an indispensable tool for both planners and practitioners for years to come. When effectively and ethically managed, it can both accelerate the development of lifesaving, poverty-alleviating innovations and secure access to them.

Both development and access are urgently needed in health and agriculture to improve the lives of people in needparticularly those living in the developing world.

This Handbook and its companion Executive Guide constitute an authoritative, comprehensive, and practical reference on intellectual property management and best practices. These works will be invaluable for anyone seeking to use intellectual property strategically to enhance economic growth and equitably distribute innovative technologies. This Handbook and Executive Guide uniquely contributes to efforts in global health and food security.

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