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George Garcia, 54, a school security guard who still lives in his childhood home on the same stretch of the Old Military Highway, remembers seeing many immigrants crossing into the U. In , one of the busiest years on record, more than 1. But since the end of the s, annual apprehensions have only occasionally surpassed the 1 million mark. In recent months, border residents said, the number of Customs and Border Protection agents patrolling the area around their homes on the Old Military Highway appears to have increased.

What It’s Really Like At The US-Mexico Border

By contrast, the border communities of Brownsville, Laredo, El Paso and Edinburg each recorded fewer than violent crimes per , residents in Farias said his closest brush with border crime came years ago when he discovered two immigrant girls on his patio, spraying themselves with a hose. No one has ever broken into his home, he said, and he feels safe, even with the border fence cutting through his property.

People Talk About What It’s Like Living On The US–Mexico Border Now

During the presidential campaign, Trump said the U. We see the National Guard helicopters, vehicles all over. Barrera lives in Rio Grande City, where the gruesome homicide of two school district employees in left local residents shaken, he said. These travels have taught me a lot.

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Bush and a native of Brownsville, Texas, told me. Some 10 million people live on both sides of the U. Here, an innovative crossing connects residents with tourists who hike in the towering Sierra del Carmen Mountains. The crossing was closed after the September 11 attacks, due to fears it was too vulnerable, but reopened in The Americans are then rowed back to the U. Each crosser then picks up a phone and is connected to a Customs and Border Protection officer in El Paso, who can see the person on camera and ask questions if necessary.

The process takes just a few minutes. Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico.


The semi-automated crossing has breathed new life into Boquillas. The people who live in this area depend on one another.

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They cannot imagine living with a wall between them. He worries a wall will change the back and forth way of border life, including his own. The band is so affectionately well-known on both sides of the border that few see the irony of the name. Nothing, however, can heal the wound that writer Carlos Fuentes once eloquently described, a metaphor that acclaimed author Benjamin Alire Saenz said resonates even more today.

They are scars and wounds we inflict upon the Earth, and ourselves. The countryside along Highway 90 between Big Bend National Park and Del Rio in West Texas is so isolated that people on both sides of the border have to depend on one another for survival.

At Home on Both Sides of the Border | Americas Quarterly

In one area, a school was closed and stores abandoned because of dwindling populations. It rained, rained and rained, drops splashing on pavement, making puddles of water on a pink sunset afternoon. The only constant vehicles were the green and white vans of the border patrol, agents suspiciously peering through windshield-wipers, making sure the border and the rest of the country was safe. I once walked through an area of the dividing line in Del Rio covered with thickets of carrizo cane, an invasive species that authorities have tried getting rid of by burning it or using a combination of mechanical, chemical and biological methods.

With immigration getting so much attention, Limon is calling for people to think about the challenges those on the other side face. Would you like to receive local news notifications on your desktop? Yes please Not now. Widespread snow tapering off, but lake effect snow squalls persist Tuesday. News National News Democracy Actions Facebook Tweet Email.