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If you want to deliver, you need to get your business on the local map. Google makes this simple with Google My Business, which also makes it easy for both mobile AND desktop users to discover you. Getting started is easy. You need a Google account. Simply Business has a great flowchart that walks you through the process.

They keep their phones handy and are always ready to use them to find information. Try a service, like EZtexting , to see how it works for you. Navigation is one of six user interface fixes that can increase conversion rates.

1. Make your site mobile friendly

Your menu, footer bar and other items have to be navigable. It has to be responsive, so it can display perfectly, no matter what mobile device people are using. If you install the WPtouch plugin, as I recommended above, you may not have much work to do. Your goal is to ensure that each section of your menu is distinct, with no overlapping. Your call-to-action buttons and links also have to be compatible with mobile devices.

Notice how navigable Copyblogger is, compared with the other site? The rules for building a navigable mobile-friendly site are not set in stone. You have to test it for yourself before drawing conclusions. You can also read my article on 50 Split Testing Ideas , for help with this. Small firms still value the personal touch.

Mobile marketing

And, people do, too. Some SEOs make the mistake of stuffing keywords and over-optimizing anchor text, without considering users. Google Panda and Penguin updates discouraged these ugly practices. The best way to do this is by personalizing your marketing. So, how do you personalize your marketing?

How to optimize your mobile marketing strategy

When someone subscribes to his list, they get a welcome message. This is where he introduces himself, what he does and how you can benefit further. And, you know what? When an individual has a challenge, it also means that thousands of other people are facing the same challenge. Share a story: Storytelling works.

Mobile users love emotional stories that can prompt them to act. Use photos: Do you want a message tht people will connect with and also share? Start using photos to engage mobile users. According to Hubspot , photos on Facebook generate more engagement than other posts. Visual content, like infographics , videos and charts, will enhance your brand via social media and mobile platforms. Create characters: You can also create characters that will help your brand stand out in the crowd.

How to Create a Mobile Marketing Strategy

This character might even be a mascot for your blog. Here are some examples:. Zac Johnson has his own mascot. Trust me, this has positioned his brand in the affiliate marketing industry, which is very competitive. MailChimp , an email marketing provider, uses the character of a chimpanzee to give their solution a personal touch.

See for yourself:.

here Note: MailChimp has since changed their homepage and the chimp character is not as prominent as it was before. But, you can still find the mascot on their header:. The page is also well optimized for mobile users. This is how it looks on an iPad Mini:. If you want to take mobile marketing to the next level, then you must start using QR codes.

These are common in Japan , where they originated. If you have a lot of data to transmit via a mobile browser, using QR codes can speed up your site and make it more easily accessible for mobile users. A dynamic QR code is better, because you can edit it later from your dashboard. Step 2: Click on the free plan, which is great for starters. If you have never generated a QR code before, the free plan is fine. Step 3: After completing the form correctly, log into your email inbox and confirm the account.

You are now ready to create your QR code:.

Mobile apps are mostly designed to run on smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices. You can download them from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and then access a range of program or site functions. Having an app for your site or business could help drive leads and sales. There are several options when you want to create a mobile app, including a wide array of job sites.

I use dribbble for all of my infographic designs and they also have skilled mobile app developers. Click the images on the left. You can either hire the mobile app developer or learn about their work. Check out their samples and their rates before making a move.

Another place to find a mobile app developer is AwesomeWeb. Most of these designers charge by the hour. Engagement on social networks comes mostly from mobile devices, so you need to build social media into your mobile marketing strategy. But, which networks should you use? These statistics might help you:. These stats tell us that bloggers and content marketers must consistently distribute content on Facebook and ask people to air their own views on what they share.

The live video streamed as part of the campaign was watched by more than , fans worldwide. If you are selling physical items clothing, shoes, accessories , then consider sharing pictures that are relevant to your brand on Pinterest. This is how pinboards look on different mobile devices:. Exact Target highlighted 30 successful social media campaigns from — I think you should check them out and learn from them.

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More people are browsing the web on mobile devices than on desktops. As I said earlier, mobile users tend to be specific in their online searches.

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A desktop internet user might want to know the best digital camera models first, before going deeper into the various brands. Your target audience are also using PCs. Effective mobile marketing relies on tracking. Studies seem to show that smartphone users tend to read promotional SMS more frequently than emails. Mobile Marketing campaign via SMS can be one of the best ways to get quick results, especially if you combine them with discount codes or coupons that redirect users to your website. Remember when our parents would cut out coupons from newspapers and magazines to take them to the store?

Well, mobile marketing can use this same strategy to attract clients… slightly more conveniently and efficiently! No one goes anywhere without their smartphone nowadays, meaning the risk of forgetting our coupons at home is all but nonexistent.