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Hang On A Minute! So, Mister Evolutionist To David Attenborough Vitiligo Reveals The Lie And So Not Impressed With Christians? Anything And another potpourri of POEMS but specifically light and tender ones, though such can be found elsewhere as well. May It Be So, Son 3. Mind That Path 4. Should Love Ask You 6. Take Charge 8. It's Only A Body Once Pristine Wells Everyone Loves Chips Moving On Happy Just Being Me Seek To Forgive Knots Don't Bottle Things Up But, But, But Even The Wise Can Falter The Weeping Heart Dear Afflicted One Try, Try Again Self Esteem Don't Doubt Your Worth Don't Doubt Your Place Regrets It's Not Until Later And How About You?

A Certain Regret Alternative poems Regarding Truth Those Little Things Believe It! A Simple Truth The Eagle. Such Being How They Cope 4. It's All About Survival 5. Spanners 7. Armchair Critics And Judges 8. Criticism Criticizers Time Folk Backed Off Suicide Fallen Soldiers Of Depression Twenty Six Floors Up Any Closer And I'll Jump!

The Bridge Don't Knock Beneficiaries That Gnawing Gap Dear Prime Minister To Those Who're Well-off A Funny Kind Of Love Nothing Or Too Little The Ninety-Nine Percent Let All Pause And Again I Appeal Woe To The Heartless Unlock That Pocket Cha ching!

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Don't Help Tip The Scales 3. Ticking Clocks 4. When Anger Burns 6. When Help's Not There 7. Punching The Punched 9.

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  5. I'm Angry Today No Reason Justifies Ill. My poem: What's Child Abuse? To The Angry Young 4.

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    Mind Harry Potter 6. The Adventures of TinTin 7. Hi There, Son 8.

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    Dear Daughter 9. The Young Aren't Stupid Wake Up Humanity!

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    The Seat Of Learning Mind Those Young Ones My Dear Boy A Confused Generation That's Hollywood For You You Can Keep Your Hobbits Listen Up, Kids Should Mums Stay At Home? Reason To Be Frightened Surely Not Your Child Nine Times Out Of Ten I Forgive You, Dad Tell Someone Child Beauty Pageants The Paedophile's Shadow. Booze Blues 3. No Thanks Drugs 4. Mind-blowing Hearing 5. When Silence Descends 6. Why Am I So Cranky?

    Loud, Deep And Damaging Euthanasia 8. Another Gig The Stage The Aging Singer Thinking Of Karen Carpenter Lesser Mortals Sullied Talent And Misused Blessings The Comedian Ribald Stand-Ups I'd Mind Those Lyrics The Scriptwriter Hi, Frank A Lament The Cost Of Today's Music Reality's Not Far Away With Music In Mind Didn't Solomon Say This? Apparently, 5. Are You Balanced? Truth 7.

    The Trouble With Truth 8. And Don't Forget Truth 9. Standing Alone Nobody Wants To Know Governance Worth Bearing In Mind Pacifism — A Noble Stance Pacifists Evolution Silly Monkey Business The Stephen Hawking Folk Spammers Spammers Gratitude We Salute You Thank You! Falling For Nonsense Well And Truly Duped! Love Yourself?

    The Cheek! Regarding Israel Folau Internet Etiquette Computer Rudeness. My poem: Karma Includes: These poems are largely about karma and somewhat tie in with the orange box titled "Foes Of Humanity. As Bad As Our Enemy 3. Our Little Secret 4. We Two-sided Like A Coin 5.

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    Pike River Mine 7. Foul Play 8.

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    ISIS 9. With Syria In Mind Flight MH17 Flight MH Killer Drivers Weakness Leaders And Pied Pipers Expect A Lot From Leaders Man Worshippers Exalt No One Gossip Such Isn't Always Gossip Evaluating Just Crooks It's Our World Leave Us Alone! In God's Name? A Million Miles Away. Best You Know It Well 3. I Love America 4. The Hollywood Agenda 5. Calling It As It Is 7. I'm Concerned, America 8. A Letter To The Pope 9. A Letter To Pope Francis The New World Order What's Really Going On? Evil On The Wing Notes From Adolph Donald Trump?

    Can We Look Now, America? Letter To America Make America Great Again? The Obama Syndrome Christians Who Won't Be Saved I'm Concerned For Catholics I Believe It's You, America You're Being Rebuked, America The Poison In The Passion Soon We'll See Who's Right The Death Penalty. Torture Can Never Be Justified. Apologetics The poems and articles on this page are for those who've an issue with God and Christianity, and therefore contain degrees of Christian content necessary for the purpose POEMS 1. Best You Ignore Such Folk 4. It's Christendom's Fault 6. If I Were God 7. Those False Messiahs 8.

    Religion's Baddies 9. To All, Though Particularly It's Us, Not God! In Defence Of God God Didn't Cause That Earthquake Darwin's Folly Did You Know? Unconditional Love? God's Hate Beware Of Angels There's No Eternally Burning Hell No One's Gone Anywhere A Year Of Celebrity Deaths The Chat Rhythm Of Life.

    The following poems are of both a general nature and an issue related nature, and hence cover a wide variety of themes, most of them designed to get people thinking. The Author "Vice is a monster of so frightful mien, As to be hated needs but to be seen; Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

    Theme: Physical or mental abuse. Theme: Dumb creatures? Includes The Human Touch. Theme: What nature can teach us. Includes Behind And Within. Theme: Thinking of others. Includes Imagine Being Me. Theme: Freedom and liberty. Theme: Turning this world around. Theme: Love that can't remain silent.

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    Includes No One's Infallible. Theme: Caging creatures. Theme: Real men aren't bullies. Theme: Deserters. Includes Unfairly Deprived. Theme: It's time love conquered all.