Manual Realities of a True Christian

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He was there when Mom came down with cancer. God was even there when I simply awoke and put my feet on the cold tiles of my bedroom this morning. God almighty, the creator of the universe, the same God who saved and changed me in college actually lives within me through the person of the Holy Spirit. I never have been and I never will be.

Wonderful, wonderful reality. Embedded in these realities of the Bible, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, prayer is actually meaningful, efficacious, and a natural outworking of our relationship to God Himself.

Realities of a True Christian

God is within me. God speaks to me through His written word, the Bible. God knows the very number of hairs on our heads and the days of our lives. Prayer is simply a way of both acknowledging these realities AND enjoying unencumbered fellowship with our Savior and Heavenly Father. It all works together in a wonderfully symbiotic relationship. Prayer makes sense and has real influence and power, because the Bible is true, Christ is real, and the Holy Spirit is present.

We are ALL members of the same body, the body of Christ. I am truly NOT an island unto myself.

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I am part of a wonderful family, which stretches, not only throughout all tongues, tribes, and nations, but also spans all of human history. In a world full of superficial relationships based on things as silly as sports teams, common hobbies, and even social media, I love that I have ACTUAL brothers and sisters all over the world through the person and work of Christ Jesus. In societies which are constantly pushing us away from the significant and towards the trivial, it is wonderful to simply take time to think about and meditate upon the transcending beauty of being a follower of Christ Jesus, of being a Christian.

Today is such a day for me… my heart is full of gratitude towards my Savior and Friend, Christ Jesus. If interested in learning more about Christ, please contact us at info pacificcrossroads. Here are five realities I love about being a follower of Christ — i. Jesus Christ God did not have to, but He chose to visit us in bodily form. The Holy Spirit God, in reality, lives within me. Prayer Embedded in these realities of the Bible, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, prayer is actually meaningful, efficacious, and a natural outworking of our relationship to God Himself.

A marriage "on the rocks" will not be reconciled unless husband and wife each realistically admit they both are responsible for the problems in the marriage. Although it's so important to be in touch with reality, we are afraid of reality. We call "fun" altering or losing our consciousness of reality, although escape from reality does nothing but perpetuate and worsen our problems. Facing reality, not escape from it, is the answer to our problems.

The following four realities must be accepted for us to be able to deal successfully with the problems of life. Without the new nature from Jesus, we can do nothing Jn Expecting a person with the old nature to have self-control and will-power is unrealistic. Therefore, we must put the old nature to death, bury it Rm , and be born again into a new life with a new nature Jn We receive this new nature in Baptism, and we live it by faith in the Lord Jesus.

He has used our sins to build an international kingdom of evil. We cannot ignore Satan's existence and still make sense out of life.

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Should we view our seventy or eighty years on earth as just a moment leading to eternity? Or "is that all there is? Jn Or is He a blasphemer and a fool? Because Jesus claimed to be God, He must be either rejected or worshipped. Who can free me from this body under the power of death? All praise to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Bishop Sheen maintained that the difference between a redeemed and unredeemed person is greater than the difference between a human being and a microscopic organism, such as an amoeba. However, many people don't notice the need for a new nature. To help us recognize this need, the Lord has given us the written law of the Bible and the natural law of our hearts Rm to smoke out our sinful nature Rm When God's word tells us not to do something, we immediately want to rebel.

When we're told to "just say 'no' " to alcohol, drugs, and sin, we feel like saying "yes" more than ever.

The law rouses our evil desires Rm , increases our offenses Rm , and pushes sin to the limits of sinfulness Rm Law and order increase lawlessness and disorder. This is good in that it helps us see realistically how fallen is our old nature. We think our nature is not fallen because we can do many good things and even overcome some temptations. However, Satan is just letting us win a few rounds to set us up for the slaughter. He deceives us into relying on our own will-power and then wipes us out when he wants to "play for keeps".

Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

Satan will also sometimes permit a "chain-exchange". For example, he will let us overcome alcoholism but make or keep us dependent on nicotine or caffeine. In effect, he lets us change cells but not get out of prison. We do some good things. The devil lets us overcome a few temptations. We exchange chains. We even see believers who are in more bondage than unbelievers.

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This crossfire of lies and misconceptions gives us the impression that our old nature is not that bad. Nevertheless, to believe that we're "born free" is to deny reality and the need for the Savior.

Christian Focus

It is refusing to face the reality of world wars, mass abortions, Communism, consumerism, starvation, pornography, child-abuse, racism, violence, etc. Nice people don't make a world of sin, death, terror, and suffering. There's something drastically wrong with the world and with each and every human being. We must face this reality. To live in reality, we must realize both that baptized people have two natures and that we are not the only creatures. In addition to humans, there is a whole spirit-world. The Bible testifies to this in numerous references. Cultures throughout the world and throughout history likewise unanimously maintain the existence of angels, Satan, and demons.

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The Church teaches: "Evil is not an abstraction, but refers to a person, Satan, the evil one, the angel who opposes God" Catechism of the Catholic Church, Satan and his demons have revolted against God, lost their place in heaven, and now are trying to seduce us into joining a rebellion that has already been defeated Rv Our battle is against these demons and not against people Eph Although these fallen angels are far superior to us, we have power, authority, and victory over them because of our relationship with Jesus Mt We can attack the gates of hell, which cannot prevail against us Mt We can drive out, disarm, and despoil Satan Mk ; Lk By Jesus' power in us 1 Jn , we can bring down Satan's strongholds, sophistries, and proud pretensions 2 Cor We can quickly crush him Rm , make a public show of him Col , and put him beneath Jesus' feet and ours as well Heb We overpower Satan by wielding various spiritual weapons by the power of the Holy Spirit 2 Cor Many human experiences will never be explained unless we recognize the reality of 1 Satan's existence and 2 his conspiracy against us.

We will not have a free and victorious life unless we know 3 we're in a war, 4 who the enemy is, 5 our authority over that enemy, and 6 our spiritual weapons. All these realities must be seen in the context of the ultimate reality of 7 Jesus Christ's total, irreversible victory over the kingdom of darkness through His death and resurrection. For more information, see our leaflets, Do You Renounce Satan? People who are baptized have two natures.

There are other creatures besides human beings and so much more to creation than our planet, earth.