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Puffing a cigarette, she watches through the keyhole as Vittorio and Ursula make love. In the Hostess Room, the following night, the girls are disgusted that Charity didn't get more out of Vittorio. Nickie says she's not going to stick this crummy job for the rest of her life but Herman brings them back to down to earth.

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An electric light announces Charity's 'Big Decision'. At the Y, Charity gets stuck in the lift with shy, panicky tax accountant, Oscar Lindquist. While trying to calm him down, Charity finds out he isn't married. Act Two finds them still in the elevator, but not for long.

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Finally released, Oscar invites Charity to go to church with him. It turns out to be The Rhythm Of Life Church, which is holding its unorthodox meeting in an underground car park. A police raid breaks up the meeting. Afterwards, Oscar proposes another date. On the subway home, he tries to guess Charity's job - it's in a bank.

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Unlike with Vittorio, Charity lies: 'You guessed it. First National City, Williamsburg Branch. Oscar kisses her hand, and dubs her 'Sweet Charity'. Two weeks later, Oscar and Charity are still seeing each other and she still hasn't told him what she actually does for a living.

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Out at Coney Island Amusement Park they get trapped again - this time on the parachute jump. But now he is the calm one and she is scared - scared that she is starting to depend on him. Once again, Charity loses her nerve about telling him what her real job is. It's far too pleasant just listening to Oscar, who has turned manly and protective since meeting her. As the crowd look on, the couple kiss.

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On a slow night at the Fan-Dango, Charity is beaten to one of the few customers by the new girl. Finally disgusted by the whole business, she quits.

But on Times Square she wonders what the alternative is. She admits that she's a dance hall hostess. But he knows. He followed her one night and watched for an hour. He doesn't care and wants to marry her.

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Charity leaves on cloud nine and packs a suitcase on which is printed 'Almost Married'. After a farewell party at the Ballroom Charity and Oscar walk in the park when Oscar drops the bombshell. He can't marry her. He's been thinking about the men before him.

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Then he leaves. Charity emerges. But at least she still has her bag.

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