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Millet, and Brent L. Top, this series focuses on the most significant aspect of the Book of Mormon—the doctrine.

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This is a must for any resource library. The prophet Nephi rejoiced both in preaching doctrine and also in likening the scriptures to himself.

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Author Robert I. Eaton blends shrewd scriptural analysis with compelling personal stories to demonstrate how we all can make sure the principles in the Book of Mormon function as much more than abstract concepts. Delving deeply into both familiar and unsung stories, this highly accessible volume is sure to help readers get doctrines not only in their heads but into their hearts and lives.

Thorne and John L. It offers 24 essays on such topics as war, repentance, politics, culture, and poetry. You will find presentations on Book of Mormon imagery, warfare, Isaiah, the stealing of the Lamanite daughters, and Hebrew backgrounds. Other contributors include Eugene England, Stephen D. Ricks, Alan Goff, Robert L. Millet, and Catherine Thomas.

Elder Dieter F. And it is a day that Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf celebrates each and every day, as a piece of the Berlin Wall sits in his office, according to a Facebook post from the member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on Saturday. So here are some of the most important and interesting ideas from The Infinite Atonement to give you a taste of the spiritual power it contains.

Click on a link to jump to a page. She never accepted his prophetic claims but has nonetheless left us valuable eyewitness testimony concerning his character. In this week's episode, All In host Morgan Jones talks with Mason about what to do when we, or those we know, have doubts or questions about the Church. Read an excerpt from their conversation below or click here to listen to the whole episode.

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You can also read During his service, Elder Groberg helped plan a jubilee celebration for the Saints in Tonga and promised the missionaries that, leading up to the jubilee, people would be baptized into the Church in one month. The number seemed impossible. In the total number of members baptized into the Church for the entire year was In , the number rose to , but Elder Groberg understood the Lord Redemption cometh "Teach them that redemption cometh through Christ the Lord, who is the very Eternal Father.

Ancient prophets spoke before Jesus came. And for more than 25 of those years, the familiar voice of Lloyd Newell has introduced the program. Here are just six of his messages that encourage us to move forward in life and inspire us to overcome trials. Have an Eternal Perspective Our common lot is to be born into an imperfect world, filled with disappointment and unanswered questions. Would you like updates when content is posted?

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