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It is also very important to remember how we have felt during the dream of a fire. The meaning of a fire dream will be different, depending on our personal feelings. Feeling good. If you were feeling good or if you were excited while you were dreaming that a fire consumed your heart, it means that you are very satisfied with your love life. Actually, you have very strong emotions toward you actual partner, so there is nothing that you would change. Feeling safe. If you were feeling safe in your fire dream, it is a good sign. It means that you are also feeling very safe in your real life. You have a lot of friends that are at your disposal at any moment.

In the same way that fire might symbolize severe and often destructive feelings, fire can also be a positive image of an attempt to make peace with — or a cleansing of — negative experiences. For example, if your childhood home is burning, it might mean that you are finally making peace with your childhood or maybe getting rid of childish behavior.

In this way, you are preparing for a new and improved version of yourself. NOTE: Dream interpretation is not always easy, and it is important to note that your dream is your own. When you dream about fire, it probably does not mean the same for you as for others who also dreamed about fire. And your dream might mean something completely different than the above mentioned interpretations.

Dreaming - Fire Engineering

I dreamed last night,that I was surrounded by fire,And I said to myself you will never servive this gon you gonne died because it was to hot,after one minute I jumped out of the flame,it was also a feeling like a lifting,and then I woke up. Your email address will not be published. Ready to get to know more about it, so you already know what it means next time you have a dream like this?

It is very difficult to give a general definition of dreaming with fire because as its form changes constantly, what it also means is very varied. You are getting ready to confront upcoming war to protect what is dear to you. Dream About Specific Locations on Fire When you dream about specific places on fire such as school, work, church , bank , or even your kitchen. It can always be about the actual fear of those places catching fire and going up in flames.

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However, sometimes you can also take symbolic meanings when you dream about those places. For example, school fire may reflect your fear that you will do poorly in school and reflecting warning signs of trouble. If the fire comes as a side product of another event like a car accident , it could simply be a by-product of such event without serving additional meaning. Dream About a Fire Truck or Engine Very similar to the dream about a fire fighter, fire truck is a tool or vehicle to protect what is on fire and burning.

Maybe it is a sign to tell you that you need to prep and get ready for the hard times, and you will have to ability and vehicle to protect what is yours. Dream About Different Color Fire Flames Consider checking the different types of colored fire flames with our color dream interpretation. Black Fire Flame: Dangerous omen. I dream i was in a house with my son and dead mother. The house cough on fire my son said get out he jump out a window.


Left the room where I was and saw my dead mom sleeping on a bed. There was no fire in the room we were at and we were not afraid The house was on fire but nothing happens to us. What does that mean. I was awakening in the morning from a confusing dream I hope someone can decipher.

I was younger then was old and I stood in the midst of a beautiful flowered field where I saw someone in the far distance walking towards me. A dove landed in my hand and when I sent it to flight it burst into flame and the dove landed on the shoulder of the person. I dreamnt this morning of a paper burning in my car when I turn the ignition on. I asked my colleague to start the car, it burnt more on the floor in front of the passenger seat.

I was scared that it would explode but we managed to take it to the mechanic. Strangely when she switched the ignition off the fire stopped. And a white smoke came out.

Fire Dreams Meaning and Interpretation

I had a strange dream…. It was a giant bubble. I started running back to my family telling them to run, just as I got to them the windows shattered and there was an explosion. When the fire broke out we headed for the stairs. I put my nan on my back, young brother infront of me, mum behind holding my baby. We ran down the empty staircase. When we found the door, we got out. My brother wasnt there. I went back in and continued downstairs, trying to phone him…..

What does it mean?? My mum was also on fire ,and I think we saved the animals this time I woke up for this dream this morning crying. I had a strange dream.

Dreams About Fire – Meaning and Interpretation

I was in front of the mirror with one hand above the other. Through the mirrors reflection I could see between my hands a growing spark that grew to a golf ball size blue flame. My forehead heard streaks of blue light moving down the sides of my face, through my collar bones down my arms, and out through the palms of my hands to feed the blue flame. At the beginning of the dream I could only see the blue flame through the reflection from the mirror, by the end of the dream the blue flame had really materialised between the palms of my hand independent from the mirror.

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Had a dream of my hair simultaneously catching on fire…….. I was walking in my house in my dream and out of no where my hair caught on fire. I tried putting out the fire on my hair. But it kept going back on…… I was so nervous. Because even though my hair was burning off. My daughter came to sleep in the she woke up from bed I called she came and I covered her in my arms. Then I woke up for real.

What does fire dreams mean? - Dream Meaning

Can any explain? I had one where me n my cousin shawn were putting out small patches of fires while i was holding the baby cow, like it was licking to put the fires or water was coming out its mouth, then it escaped my grasp and i was running through the woods and got bit by a bunch of snakes on my back and woke up really scared.

Can anyone help me? I dreamed about this man where he removes soul and turns them into.. I had a strange dream.. I was sitting with my grandma and their were people walking by and then I saw my great grandma sitting and moving with her wheelchair I was the only one that could see her.

She was happy at first then her eyes turned into fire and then she just looked like if she was mad at me for something. This is scary!!!!

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I jumped out of bed because I thought my house was on fire. And I was wide awake. I looked into the hallway and there was an orange glow coming from downstairs. I shook my head and it was all gone. Am I having hallucinations? I was inside a small glass house. No curtains. They moved the crackers to the edges of my glass house. Thw house was not even bis. Just like bathroom cubicle as I felt. Please describe this. I had a dream I was crying flames and ash while standing on warm water.

I opened my eyes and thay were made of flames the ash and flames surrounded me and turned into a Phenix. I then road into the sun. I had a dream this morning, that I was with my two friends. We were walking happy I was at the center and them on my side, holding each others arms.