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This is absolutely The book, the foster family is named Cooper and the little boy is Benjie, I specifically remember the incident of him seeing the birds. The story actually takes place on an island called Star Island, 7 miles off the Maine Coast. Her name is Sally. Here's the book you're looking for: Eppenstein, Louise. Sally Goes Shopping Alone.

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Illustrated by Esther Friend. Cover soiled, interior bright. Illustrated by Jean Staples. Very Good. Thank you so much for responding to my search. I would very much like to have the book. It is rather ironic that I remember the story in great detail as my mother read it to me many, many times --however I did not remember the little girls name and it is the same as mine! I loved that book, and still love to go shopping alone! Can anyone recall a story like this?

Sounds like Sally to me. Would you have another copy available?

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Does she have a velvet purse? I don't have a copy of Sally Goes Shopping Alone right now, but I have a sequel called Sally Goes Travelling Alone , in which she refers constantly to her "little red purse. That could be her. It's amazing the impact books have on us as children that stay with us and hold such tenderness in our hearts.

TY so much. I'd like to get it. Sally Goes Traveling Alone. A beautiful copy in dust jacket, dj has a few small holes on front fold-over. Front paste-down endpaper torn, otherwise VG. Lyn Cook, Samantha's Secret Room , Samantha's cousin Josh is the owner of the caravan named Nefertiti. Scholastic Canada. Samantha Sam lives on a rural property in Canada and gains a penfriend by tying a letter to a christmas tree. The caravan belongs to a cousin who comes to visit for a family reunion.

The secret room is in a root cellar. Hi again, Harriett. I just wanted to thank you for providing your Stump the Bookseller service. My mystery is solved! You're a wonderful resource, and I'll be back!

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Samantha's Surprise. Lippincott Co. As she pursues this hobby she begins to realise that she is relying to much on her mother to manage her life and it is time to try her wings away from the family hearth. Encouraged by her father and with her camera as constant companion, she spends a fruitful and energetic summer on Cape Cod, helping an older girl to develop a 'different' tea room. Photography plays an important role as Judith finds new friends, a new love, widened interests, and especially, a more healthy relationship with her family.

A book with a similar title that might possibly be the one wanted is Castle in the Sand , written and illustrated by Bettina , published Harper "With her usual wisdom and awareness, the author of the beloved Cocolo books tells the amusing and beautiful story of two children who make friends on a beach in Italy.

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Ages I read the book you are looking for! Unfortunately I can't remember the title or author either - but here are a few more details.

  • In Ewigkeit: Ein Briefroman (German Edition).
  • Das deutsche Umwelthaftungsrecht (German Edition).
  • The Intersection of Art and Psychology: an open source collection of ideas?
  • Roast Mortem (A Coffeehouse Mystery).

The title was the animals' phonetic interpretation of the words "San Diego Zoo" ie, something along the lines of "Sandy Eggo Zu" etc. It was a novel for adults, and there were definitely some human villans that the animals had to avoid, including one who came to a very bad end by eating dried corn in an abandoned Native American village and then drinking too much water stomach exploded: ugh! The cover of the hardback had an illustration of the animals including a large snake. Hope this helps!

Jenner, Janann V. Not from the s, but definitely your book. A Burmese python, coatimundi, macaw and rattlesnake escape from Leftrack's Pet Emporium in NYC in search of the mythical Sandeagozu, a warm land where animals can live without cages. I managed to ask my friend's mother about this book, and although she remembers it, she remembers it differently than he does.

She also says the book was sandwich shaped, but that it was very short, and contained pages for jam and peanut butter. She purchased it at the drug store.

My friend is in his mid thirties, so this was probably in the early 70's. David Pelham, Sam's Sandwich. Looks like the right book. Sorry, but Sam's Sandwich is far too new to be the book I'm looking for. Amazon claims that the first US edition was printed in The book I'm looking for would've been published in the mids at the latest.

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Dorothy C. Seymour, The Sandwich. This was published in the 60s and had the repeating lines "a little of this It may be the book you are looking for. Find out more about Dorothy Seymour on the Most Requested pages.


Anonymous, Santa Claus and Lili Monk, The reason I think this might be the one besides the date is that apparently the pages are textured. This is the story of a little monkey who hitched a ride to the North Pole in Santa's bag when he was visiting the jungle looking for drums. Does Lili stay in the North Pole?

Hall, Monty the Monkey, Another angle on which to look -- this does''t seem to be the book, but it might be another book by the same author. A Little Black Sambo imitation, each page of text in large type faces a full page illus. A curious book. There is no Monty Monk character in that story, so that is not the one I am searching for. But thanks for trying! M Could this be a comic book series? Monty Monk. Entry p. Still no luck. Also, the next person listed a comic book reference.

The book I am looking for was nothing like a comic book, so this leads me to another dead end. After talking with my mother and brother, they both agreed that the center of the story was Monty Monk was such a good little monkey that Santa allowed him to ride in his sleigh as he delivered toys to all the girls and boys.